2 Powerful Statements Every Cancer Survivor Should Believe In

Receiving a cancer diagnosis may be unsettling, but cancer survivors can feel more confident by embracing positive self-affirmations during the course of their recovery. These statements are useful for the earliest days of chemotherapy to the following weeks when you’re taking supportive care medication. With cancer care Orange County-based, or cancer care in your local neighborhood, having the right mindset is essential to recovery.

Why do cancer survivors need powerful statements to believe in?

Cancer survivors need powerful statements to believe in to feel confident, emotionally stable, and motivated in their recovery. Part of surviving cancer is taking advantage of the resources available. Studies show strategies for cancer survivorship include pursuing all avenues of treatment and help. Meaning, that embracing one’s recovery fully is a critical part of living well with cancer. Here are two self-affirmations to repeat at some point during your battle with cancer.

1. “I am strong.”

The toughest days will leave you feeling winded, sad, or even hopeless. But recall the strength you’ve had throughout your battle with cancer. Upon receiving a diagnosis, you might have resisted the idea of feeling defeated. Amid chemotherapy, you might have overcome physical pain to find comfort in your day. Telling yourself you’re strong is key to feeling healthier and happier.

2. “I am a survivor.”

Instead of feeling like cancer has control over your life, repeat the words, “I am a survivor,” to yourself before any treatments or medical procedures. According to The National Cancer Institute, a survivor is someone who remains alive and continues to function, even after experiencing hardship related to the disease. Remind yourself you’ve come as far as you have. Surviving a battle with cancer feels more hopeful when you have the mindset of a survivor.

Whether locally or out of state, cancer care works best when you add positive statements to your day. These two self-affirmations will help keep you in a positive mindset as you continue your battle with cancer. Request cancer treatment services in your area today for help.