Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

The abstract painting, which is practiced in the name of impressionism, post-impressionism, expressionism, cubism, surrealism, Dadaism, etc., is abstract painting. At the same time, it began to gain immense respect everywhere as modern.
There is no way to avoid at least one thing if you look at the trend of contemporary world art practice of the last century, and that is the tendency of the art studied here to gradually become more abstract and dependent on ideas!
But there are many, among them some so-called artists, who cannot entirely accept the practice of abstract painting and often attack it with mockery. There is also a joke in the market that when going to an exhibition of Picasso, the audience is giving the title of the famous painting to his cotton swab!! Discovery Channel even ran a fun experiment about it where viewers were shown a painting and asked who or what it could be. Many people have made many guesses, but no one has been able to come close to the absolute truth. Even many did not hesitate to call it a high-priced artwork! It was actually a drawing of an elephant; as strange as it sounds, the elephant’s trunk was drawn, and the result was a work of art.
Does this prove that elephants are highly prized artists and we should, therefore, start buying abstract paintings of elephants? Or is abstract art like that?

Is painting and abstract painting the same thing?

In actual proposition, those who say “realistic form” are those who can’t draw or sculpt abstract pictures. This is a very one-sided and pointless comment because even the so-called realistic pictures are not real.
You draw a so-called realistic picture of a scene on the Po River. Does that make it real? It is an imitation of nature and, therefore, not real at all. Again, let’s say you want to do a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin, so you have to rely on his photographs or your memory. Now, no matter how many people look at that painting and say it’s a portrait of Putin, it’s actually a fake, that is, a double-copy (first from a photograph to a painting)!! This is called similarity, where you can get a more perfect copy through photography; why the so-called copy? In fact, the discussed portrait of Putin is not a reality in this case but a kind of abstraction.

Can a person’s personality or social structure be part of an abstract painting?

The limitations of such art practices are substantial. Even if the person is not considered single here, the person’s personality is not actually captured from his copy, but the particular pose is more effective in capturing his personality. In this case, Michelangelo’s ‘David’ can be remembered as the cartoon characters made by Lambert Tamsin. Which reveals a particular characteristic of the individual and, in many cases, without taking hold of the so-called reality. Many can raise the issue of beauty in all these cases, but in the context of beauty, it will be enough to say that no specific definition of beauty is possible; it is a relative matter: Beauty in the eyes of its beholder.
It is primarily and very important that if a painting wants to express any idea or statement, it is impossible to do so in a so-called accurate picture. In the changing world system, where society, state, individual, politics, economy, technology, knowledge, science, mutual relations, conflict, and life practices are becoming more and more complex, then the expression of art practice simply and quickly is inevitable.

Now, the question may arise: what is abstract art? In fact, expressive painting is a kind of documentation of reality. Expressing what is as it is. Abstract painting, on the other hand, is very impressionistic, depending on how the artist sees the form of an object. As a result, the artist can relate several subjects here simultaneously.

Some of the most expensive abstract paintings

The 500-year-old painting ‘Salvatore Mundi’ has caused a stir in the whole world. The painting of the face of Jesus Christ is believed to have been painted by the legendary Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci. In 2017, the film was auctioned in New York and fetched $450 million.

Dutch-American artist William de Mooning was an abstract painter 60 years after his abstract oil painting ‘Interchange,’ painted in 1955, made history. The David Geffen Foundation auctioned the film in September 2015. Kenneth C. Griffin, the founder of the investment company “Citadel” bought the movie for 300 million dollars.

Paul Cézanne is one of the few artists who painted against impressionism in painting. Between 1892 and 1893, the French painter produced a series of five oil paintings called ‘The Card Players. ‘This painting by Cézanne is regarded as the ‘foundation’ of the 1890s. In ‘The Card Players,’ Cézanne chose a gardener and a farmer as models in his garden. The picture shows two stony-faced men playing cards. In 2011, the royal family of Qatar bought this film for 266 million

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