Group Care Analysis Developments The use of Textual content Mining


In trendy society, quite a lot of components, comparable to the advance of science and the diversification of welfare methods, have greater the life-expectancy of human beings.1 As a result, the selection of older other people elderly 75 and above, who’re the recipients of care, is emerging globally, particularly in evolved international locations; this fast growing older of the inhabitants could also be expanding the social and financial burden.2 Accordingly, the fashion in long-term care provision for older adults has additionally modified. Modernization idea predicts that “the non-public or public sector will take price of kid rearing, kid care, dad or mum care, and so forth, which have been historically equipped at domestic.”3 Certainly, with the growth of modernization, the position of offering take care of the aged has shifted clear of the circle of relatives—comparable to from their youngsters who most commonly cared for them at domestic—to the non-public sector or to society, comparable to in publicly funded nursing houses and hospitals. Then again, maximum older other people desire dwelling in their very own houses for the remainder of their lives, despite the fact that they face practical obstacles, comparable to bodily, cognitive, and social.4

Accordingly, in November 2018, the federal government of South Korea introduced the “Grasp Plan for the Built-in Native Group Care”, making efforts to universally introduce “Group Care” by means of 2026 beneath the “Built-in Native Group Care” banner.5 Group care is the most important element of the excellent number one hospital therapy machine founded in an area house. The established order of care provider provision at an area scale will have to permit clinical workforce to diagnose fitness wishes and regulate their very own proposals to the collective wishes of the native inhabitants.6 Then again, against this to, for instance, the United Kingdom, the primary nation to introduce network care and enact the Group Care Act, South Korea’s participation fee for welfare and care initiatives, particularly in-home care products and services, is not up to that for nursing amenities.7 This might be since the methods for offering custom designed remedy products and services/care and rehabilitation for discharge from nursing amenities or remedy at domestic are inadequate.

In the meantime, the significance of network care has greater because of issues comparable to new sicknesses, adjustments in social and demographic construction, greater nationwide clinical expenditure, university-hospital-centered clinical methods, and disease-centered therapies. Inside of this framework, public healthcare performs a a very powerful position in making society extra sustainable.8 The extended COVID-19 disaster has ended in a state the place there’s pressing want for care products and services for weak teams. In January 2020, South Korea used to be some of the first international locations to file a COVID-19 case. Even earlier than the WHO declared COVID-19 a world pandemic, the full showed circumstances in South Korea exceeded 7755, falling simply in the back of China, Italy, and Iran.9 At the start of the pandemic, the selection of showed circumstances greater swiftly in Korea. The fatality fee of the ones elderly 80 or older used to be considerably upper than that of different age teams, at 20.66%; it used to be 2066 occasions (0.01%) upper than the fatality fee of the ones elderly 20–29 and 413 occasions (0.05%) upper than that of the ones elderly 30–39.10 Because the pandemic persists, passion in public healthcare continues to develop. Since some other pandemic is more likely to happen, the need for network care and public healthcare is turning into extra pressing.11

Present research on network care basically center of attention at the present standing of network care, construction operational plans, and comparative research of care sorts.12–14 To extend network care, which has no longer but established a particular operational path, it will be important to investigate network care-related analysis in an included way. Through examining each unstructured knowledge and network care-related papers, we intend to offer ideas for the development of each present network care and long run network care-related insurance policies.15,16

In keeping with the research, this learn about goals to indicate a developmental path for network care that reduces the monetary burden of caregivers and improves their high quality of existence, in addition to that of sufferers by means of relieving their discomfort. For an included research of network care, quantitative research can be carried out thru textual content mining, which is used for giant knowledge research, along present approaches, comparable to present standing research, case research, and comparisons of the perceptions of suppliers and beneficiaries. In textual content mining, quite a lot of unstructured knowledge, together with quantified structured knowledge, are gathered, amongst which textual content knowledge will also be regarded as essentially the most consultant.17 It displays the total wisdom construction of the analysis box, during which analysis traits, the relational construction between subjects and key phrases, and analysis instructions will also be recognized. This learn about can, thus, give a contribution to an working out of the construction of network care-related analysis and the relationships some of the primary key phrases. It’s conceivable to are expecting long run coverage shifts by means of examining adjustments and relationships in network care-related analysis subjects. Via this learn about, we intend to spot facets of network care analysis that are meant to be maximum urgently complex to unravel healthcare and social welfare issues in the course of the a hit implementation and building of network care.

Theoretical Background

The proliferation of care problems has greater healthcare-related anxiousness in South Korea, prompting the Ministry of Well being and Welfare to advertise network care. Sometimes called “network coverage”, network care frequently refers to domiciliary care. In eldercare, it’s also used to seek advice from growing older in position (AIP); this is, when a shopper spends the remainder of their existence within the position they lived.18 With swiftly expanding call for for care because of growing older, society is faced with the issues of who will have to, the place and , put into effect it (Determine 1).19

Group Care Analysis Developments The use of Textual content Mining

Determine 1 Conceptual chart of network care promotion.

The 2018 aged scenario survey performed by means of the Ministry of Well being and Welfare on older adults in Seoul prompt that they like to stay in their very own place of abode, despite the fact that it’s uncomfortable.20 Then again, regardless of the appearance of the growing older society and the diversification of wishes, society has obstacles in pleasant common care wishes, with in-home care products and services simplest obtainable to weak social teams.21 The eldercare products and services these days equipped are restricted to easy housework, and for the reason that provider depends at the personal sector, care products and services are focused on facility care. As well as, they’re suave and feature a segmented supply machine.22 As such, there’s restricted alternative to obtain care in day by day existence or at domestic, so maximum older adults make a selection to be admitted to a nursing health facility to cut back difficulties in existence, which will increase clinical bills and is a disadvantage to assembly their quite a lot of wishes.

On this context, the federal government recognized 4 key duties to advertise Korean-style network care: housing, fitness/hospital therapy, nursing care, and public/personal products and services. The Ministry for Well being and Welfare unveiled the “Grasp Plan for Built-in Native Group Care and Promotion Plan for Main Initiatives” to toughen clinical, housing, and care products and services such that older adults can obtain welfare and repair advantages adapted to their person wishes and are living with ease of their place of abode.23 After a number one undertaking in 8 native executive districts in June 2019, a pilot undertaking used to be carried out in 16 districts by means of 2020. The undertaking goals to construct a basis for network care earlier than Korea turns into a super-aged society in 2025,24 to assist toughen other people’s high quality of existence in outdated age and to permit their households to concentrate on their very own financial and social actions, loose from the psychological, bodily, and financial burden of eldercare.

Analysis on network care has been actively performed simplest since 2018, when the Ministry of Well being and Welfare started to advertise network care as a way to supply in-home care products and services. Korean literature and discourse have, so far, curious about case research, network care provision measures, analyses of things affecting the collection of nursing amenities, and fashions used somewhere else. Kim Yong-deuk presented the British network care type earlier than network care used to be mentioned in earnest in Korea, and prompt measures to advertise consumer participation in welfare products and services for the disabled.25 Kim and Yun analyzed out of the country network care circumstances in Japan and the United Kingdom to offer a type for the sustainability of Korean-style network care.26 As well as, Hwang analyzed measures to hyperlink network care with included case control. Those research center of attention at the strategies of offering network care and the purpose to avail of it.27 Search engine optimization and Kim offered a network fitness welfare care type as a great way to extend the participation of older adults, the principle goal of network care. Through analyzing the position of the care supervisor and the way the general public–personal partnership machine within the related network purposes and is related, a plan to turn on network care used to be sought.28 In view of this, it will be important to arrange proof justifying long run coverage instructions in network care thru an included research of long run network care analysis traits.

This learn about intends to use community research, a textual content mining means, and subject modeling to the key phrases of study papers.29 Textual content mining is extensively used for giant knowledge research as it could organize synonyms and polysemies in analysis traits and determine hidden subjects within the literature. It’s an set of rules that helps the invention of latest wisdom.30 Textual content mining accommodates knowledge processing and information research levels. The previous comes to duties comparable to data retrieval, data extraction, and herbal language processing; the latter extracts significant data from the textual content by using knowledge mining, system studying, and statistics, amongst different equipment.31 Textual content mining research ways come with morphological research, opinion mining (emotional research), and subject modeling.32 Matter modeling analyzes the principle subject in a particular report by means of making use of probabilistic statistical research, which is used to investigate huge quantities of unstructured textual content.33

Essentially the most frequently used subject modeling means is Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA), during which each and every report is expressed as a mix of subjects and each and every subject as a mix of phrases.34

Device studying–founded analysis methodologies, comparable to textual content mining, can determine new views on gathered knowledge and make the predictive research of the long run conceivable. This learn about makes use of textual content mining to await the long run path of network care, deriving topical key phrases from each and every paper. This may occasionally permit us to objectively read about analysis traits by means of subject and duration, perceive the ends up in an included approach, and derive new meanings by means of visually expressing the effects.

Fabrics and Strategies

Analysis Fashion

The analysis type is Determine 2. First, the papers registered within the KCI magazine have been accrued, with “network care” as a key phrase, after which preprocessed with a morpheme analyzer to extract nouns for use within the research. 2d, the core key phrases have been extracted by means of dividing them into “2017–2019” and “2020–2021”, to analyze the trade in analysis traits. 3rd, for the subtle key phrases, the affect of particular key phrases used to be recognized by means of undertaking level centrality and betweenness centrality analyses. In spite of everything, the use of subject modeling, traits in analysis subjects associated with network care coverage implementation have been recognized earlier than subject research used to be carried out. The use of the NetMiner 4.4 program, community research, frequency research, key phrase community research, and subject modeling have been performed, with simultaneous visualization (Determine 2).

Determine 2 Analysis type.

Research Goal

Because the analysis box of network care is multidisciplinary, together with clinical science, fitness science, and coverage research, papers on network care printed in home Korean journals in any box have been set because the research goal. Lately, Korean instructional seek engine websites come with RISS, DBpia, and KISS; alternatively, for this learn about, the KCI used to be decided on, and analysis papers with network care as a key phrase and printed in instructional journals registered within the KCI have been applied. The KCI calculates the affect of educational journals and the quotation frequency required for managing analysis sources; thus, it’s used as a device to guage the standard of study papers. The report form used to be “article”, the language used to be English, and the hunt scope used to be set to summary.

The gathering duration used to be from 2017, when the eldercare products and services started in earnest, to June 2021. Because of the hunt, 24 reproduction articles have been got rid of, leaving a complete of 132 articles. Those have been divided into two sections chronologically to inspect analysis traits in keeping with adjustments in network care over the years. Segment 1 used to be set from 2017–2019, the 12 months when the network care main undertaking used to be carried out. Segment 2 used to be set from 2020 to June 2021, the duration after the principle network care undertaking used to be carried out. In all, 58 papers have been printed from 2017–2019 and 74 from 2020 to 2021, revealing an expanding development. The result of the seek for papers the use of network care as a key phrase at the KCI are Determine 3.

Determine 3 Papers by means of 12 months.


Key phrase Frequency Research

Key phrase frequency research is a technique of extracting often used phrases from particular paperwork and examining their significance in keeping with the frequency of point out. On this learn about, key phrase frequency research used to be carried out by means of refining the abstracts of the accrued analysis papers into noun-type phrases, and adjustments in key phrase distribution and analysis traits have been tested by means of phase, Insert Desk 1. A complete of 25 key phrases have been extracted in Segment 1 (2017–2019); the key phrase that seemed essentially the most used to be paintings (29 occasions), adopted by means of place of abode (27 occasions), financial system (23 occasions), area (22 occasions), enjoy (20 occasions), and others. In different phrases, key phrases comparable to paintings, place of abode, and financial system seemed earlier than the network care undertaking used to be enforced, suggesting that analysis all through this era had basically been performed at the provision of residential area and financial make stronger. Moreover, bearing in mind that key phrases comparable to in-home care, thoughts, dementia, domestic, and nursing have been extracted, we will be able to determine that the desire for analysis on in-home care products and services in eldercare, domestic and nursing products and services for dementia, and so forth is being raised.

Desk 1 Key phrase Frequency

A complete of 21 key phrases have been extracted in Segment 2 (from 2020 to June 2021); the key phrase that seemed essentially the most used to be incapacity (63 occasions), adopted by means of place of abode (46 occasions), thoughts (41 occasions), industry (37 occasions), and heart (37 occasions), amongst others. Research on residential areas that might supply network take care of the disabled and bodily and mentally in poor health sufferers has been actively performed for the reason that enforcement of the network care undertaking. Moreover, as in comparison to Segment 1, consult with, good, Seoul Town, and others have been extracted as new key phrases, revealing that analysis may were performed on visitation and faraway therapies the use of good healthcare for the reason that implementation of the network care undertaking. In the meantime, Seoul town executive is selling “Seoul Care”, or Seoul-style network care. Since linked analysis is being actively performed for the advance of a network care type, Seoul used to be extracted as a chief key phrase (Desk 1).

Key phrase Community Research

Stage Centrality Research

To realize analysis traits in network care, key phrase community research used to be implemented to the extracted key phrases. Stage, betweenness, and closeness centralities are principally used as size signs to grasp the homes of the relationship construction between key phrases in a community research. On this learn about, we meant to measure the centrality of 1 node after which calculate the level centrality, which measures the magnitude of affect because the selection of attached hyperlinks will increase, and the betweenness centrality, which confirms that centrality performs a mediating position between other nodes.

The result of level centrality size of key phrases from 2017 to 2019 are Determine 4. The nearer the key phrase to the middle of the circle, the upper its level centrality. House, nursing, circle of relatives, enjoy, area, in-home care, emotion, group, place of abode, and atmosphere are key phrases with the similar level centrality. This will also be interpreted as representing research performed at the provision of measures and sustainability of social safety methods (eg, in-home care products and services) in preparation for the upsurge of care expenditures brought about by means of fast inhabitants growing older. As well as, key phrases comparable to financial system, dementia, thoughts, and insurance coverage have been discovered to have little or no level centrality. Certainly, it’s judged that analysis on eldercare products and services, together with research about dementia, an ordinary illness of older other people, has been inadequate (Determine 4).

Determine 4 Stage centrality visualization 2017–2019.

Subsequent, the effects for key phrase level centrality from 2020 to June 2021. The nearer the key phrase to the middle of the circle, the upper its level centrality. Area, thoughts, industry, disabled, and incapacity have been discovered to have top level centrality; in contrast, nursing, paintings, town, use, good, heart, and power are further from the middle, suggesting a low level centrality. The these days carried out network care undertaking makes use of synthetic intelligence (AI), data and communications era (ICT), and Web of Issues (IoT) for good hospital therapy. In particular, good healthcare merchandise are getting used to control power illness sufferers, who require steady care. Then again, analysis at the provision of visiting hospital therapy, the place remedy and nursing are carried out at domestic, and good domestic hospital therapy products and services is inadequate (Determine 5).

Determine 5 Stage centrality visualization 2020–2021.

In spite of everything, Desk 2 displays the result of examining the level centrality index of key phrases derived in Segment 1 (2017–2019) and Segment 2 (2020–2021), respectively. The key phrases with the perfect level centrality index in Segment 1 have been family (0.125000), nursing (0.125000), circle of relatives (0.083333), enjoy (0.083333), and area (0.083333). Thus, for the reason that implementation of eldercare provider in 2017, there was extra analysis at the provision of domestic care in comparison to facility care. In Segment 2, the key phrases with the perfect level centrality index have been area, industry, incapacity, and disabled, all of that have the similar index of 0.150000, indicating that extra research have been discovered at the provision of network take care of the developmentally disabled and older adults with disabilities after the promotion of network care. As well as, key phrases comparable to activity, advent, and Seoul, which failed to seem in Segment 1, confirmed a top level centrality index in Segment 2. Against this, the level centrality index of key phrases comparable to nurse, town, power, and good used to be decrease. Which means that network care is being carried out by means of area, focused at the town to offer care products and services, while lively promotion turns out vital for good domestic provider initiatives that use visiting hospital therapy, AI, and IoT applied sciences (Desk 2).

Desk 2 Key phrase Stage Centrality

Betweenness Centrality Research

Betweenness centrality is used to discover a mediator that acts as a bridge between nodes. As a undeniable node is extra intently discovered at the most-frequent path between different nodes within the community, the betweenness centrality of the node turns into upper. The result of measuring the betweenness centrality of key phrases from 2017–2019 are Determine 6. The key phrases with top betweenness centrality have been nursing, adopted by means of circle of relatives, domestic, enjoy, emotion, area, and in-home care. One of the vital key phrases with a protracted distance between nodes are financial system, resolution, dementia, therapist, treatment, group, and thoughts. This means that there’s nonetheless inadequate analysis on lowering the industrial burden of sufferers and caregivers thru network care and setting up a network care type, together with therapies for not unusual sicknesses within the older inhabitants (Determine 6).

Determine 6 Betweenness centrality visualization 2017–2019.

Subsequent, the result of measuring the betweenness centrality of key phrases from 2020 to 2021 are Determine 7. The key phrases with top betweenness centrality for network care from 2020 to 2021 have been Seoul, thoughts, place of abode, area, and industry, with incapacity on the heart. Key phrases comparable to nurse, power, town, consult with, heart, good, use, and paintings had decrease betweenness centrality. This would point out that complete in-home care products and services for older adults, together with the ones with power sicknesses, and remedy by means of visiting clinical workforce and care products and services, are inadequate; this should be addressed to advertise network care initiatives sooner or later (Determine 7).

Determine 7 Betweenness centrality visualization 2020–2021.

In spite of everything, the result of examining the betweenness centrality index of key phrases derived in Segment 1 (2017–2019) and Segment 2 (2020–2021) are Desk 3. In Segment 1, nursing (0.148551), domestic (0.130435), circle of relatives (0.126812), and enjoy (0.115942) had the perfect rating, adopted by means of emotion (0.097826), area (0.0724664), in-home care (0.039855), and place of abode (0.039855). The key phrases with the bottom betweenness centrality integrated financial system, community, era, silver, dementia, and thoughts, at 0.000000. This means the desire for extra analysis at the provision of network take care of dementia remedy.

Desk 3 Key phrase Betweenness Centrality

In Segment 2, the key phrases with the perfect betweenness centrality have been incapacity (0.271053), disabled (0.271053), Seoul (0.231579), and thoughts (0.231579). If there have been extra analysis at the building of the “Seoul-Sort Group Care” type these days being carried out in Seoul for the disabled, aged, and chronically in poor health, then it might be conceivable to make use of the measures in keeping with this type to enrich the present network care undertaking. Against this, key phrases with decrease betweenness centrality index integrated nurse, town, power, heart, and good, all at 0.000000. This outcome means that it’s going to be vital to offer consumer-oriented network care, together with visitation remedy and nursing provision (Desk 3).

Matter Modeling Research

Matter Research

After textual content preprocessing, subjects have been extracted the use of the LDA subject modeling means. For 2017–2019, 4 subjects have been extracted. Of those, the largest subjects have been paintings, treatment, domestic, sufferers, and nursing. This means that extra emphasis used to be put on sufferers receiving remedy and nursing care at domestic thru occupational treatment products and services, which might be curious about bettering the essential serve as of the network care machine. This discovering displays that there’s analysis process surrounding the subject of labor as an process one engages in, identical to sleep and leisure, self-help actions, house-making, play, schooling, manufacturing actions, recreational actions, and social participation.

After examining the themes for 2020–2021, 4 subjects have been extracted. The largest subjects have been incapacity, building, thoughts, and heart. This outcome suggests a top stage of passion in network facilities for the developmentally disabled and older adults with disabilities who’re seriously limited of their day by day or social existence (Desk 4).

Desk 4 Matter Research 2017–2021

Matter–Phrase Community Research

The TON is a two-mode community between all subjects and phrases, the place the topic-associated chance of all phrases has a worth of no less than 0. Which means that all be aware–subject hyperlinks exist. Subsequently, it is composed of phrases which can be within the most sensible 30. First, because of examining Segment 1 (2017–2019), Matter-1 used to be discovered to make use of paintings as the large key phrase, adopted by means of building, treatment, domestic, therapist, nursing, and affected person. Matter-2 had place of abode as the large key phrase, adopted by means of area, in-home care, thoughts, era, silver, and customization. Matter-3 had financial system seem as the large key phrase, adopted by means of enjoy, insurance coverage, procedure, emotion, group, and condo. In spite of everything, Matter-4 produced circle of relatives as the large key phrase, adopted by means of dementia, knowledge, trauma, resolution, components, and community (Determine 8).

Determine 8 Matter–be aware community research for 2017–2019.

Subsequent, the subject–-word community in Segment 2 (2020–2021) displays that ensure used to be the large key phrase in Matter-1, adopted by means of industry, activity, that means, good, dementia, and town. In Matter-2, heart used to be the largest key phrase, adopted by means of suicide, potency, long-term, small-scale, and advent. In Matter-3, incapacity used to be the largest key phrase, adopted by means of place of abode, thoughts, disabled, area, building, and rural district. Finally, in Matter 4, nurse seemed as the largest key phrase, adopted by means of paintings, consult with, use, Seoul, power, and illness. A few of the level centrality visualizations, the be aware attached to Matter-2 and Matter-4 is use, which used to be extracted as the principle be aware with a top weight. Use can thus be considered as a mediating be aware connecting Matter-2 and Matter-4, intently associated with each subjects (Determine 9).

Determine 9 Matter–be aware community research for 2020–2021.


This learn about used textual content mining to investigate analysis traits in 132 analysis papers on network care from 2017 to 2021. To this finish, a key phrase community research and an LDA-based subject modeling have been carried out, generating the next effects.

First, some of the extracted key phrases, look frequency used to be top for paintings, place of abode, financial system, area, enjoy, and building from 2017–2019; key phrases comparable to incapacity, place of abode, thoughts, industry, heart, and consult with seemed often from 2020–2021. For the ones wanting care, such because the aged, chronically in poor health, and disabled, who want to are living in their very own position of place of abode and are eligible for the network care undertaking, problems comparable to the development of residential areas and promotion of make stronger insurance policies have additionally been mirrored in research. One day, it’s going to be vital to be aware of discussions on those key phrases and draw resolution duties.

2d, because of key phrase connection centrality research, from 2017 to 2019, most sensible key phrases got here out within the order domestic, nursing, circle of relatives, enjoy, area, and paintings, and from 2020 to 2021, area, industry, incapacity, disabled, and activity advent. Those key phrases comprise the core that means of network care analysis, as a result of they seem often with different key phrases. This displays that as network care is centering on nursing, fitness, and clinical products and services, visiting clinical products and services are increasing and discussions are underway at the long run roles of clinical group of workers comparable to medical doctors and nurses. Then again, because of the mediation heart, key phrases seemed within the order nursing, domestic, circle of relatives, enjoy, emotion, and area from 2017 to 2019, and from 2020 to 2021, incapacity, disabled, Seoul, psychological, residential, and area. The centrality of mediation refers to a idea that regularly expands to different ideas by means of appearing as a mediator connecting ideas and ideas of top key phrases. From this, it may be noticed that reputation of the need of network care is rising because of the expanding calls for of native communities to handle bodily, psychological, and social issues, comparable to the wishes of the disabled.

3rd, 4 subjects have been extracted from the subject research. The largest subject from 2017–2019 used to be paintings, adopted by means of treatment, domestic, affected person, and nursing. Incapacity, building, thoughts, after which heart confirmed the perfect share from 2020–2021. So far, network care analysis on in quest of improvement-oriented occupational treatment products and services that play an important serve as inside the network care machine has been performed. This analysis makes a speciality of the remedy and provision of nursing take care of sufferers staying at domestic. Additionally, it examines the rate of interest in network facilities for other people with developmental disabilities and disabled seniors.

Fourth, the subject–be aware community seemed reasonably even. The key phrase with the perfect look frequency used to be paintings, and the key phrase with a reasonably low look frequency used to be domestic. Whilst early network care research tended to concentrate on executive insurance policies and promotion initiatives, the position of visiting clinical products and services, comparable to occupational treatment and nursing, has expanded inside the network care machine for the reason that promotion of the network care undertaking. Subsequently, it will be important to create a network care coverage machine by which the established order of the general public healthcare machine and the control of health-vulnerable individuals are performed concurrently. As well as, executive monetary make stronger will have to be expanded to play a number one position on this regard. Analysis on quite a lot of subjects, together with in-home care—a social safety machine that might get ready the network for a surge in care expenditures because of fast growing older, amongst different causes—has additionally been performed.

The restrictions and analysis instructions of this learn about are as follows. First, even supposing the network care analysis literature has expanded markedly since 2017, it’s nonetheless missing on the subject of the selection of research and variety of protection. If further analysis is performed and the research are extra heterogenous, an in-depth research could be conceivable past the constraints of fundamental analysis. Through subdividing the research goal, analysis traits will also be analyzed from quite a lot of fields and views, together with executive insurance policies, social enterprises, and native executive initiatives. 2d, the research goal on this learn about used to be restricted to the key phrases and abstracts of the Korean network care analysis literature. If a parallel comparability between analyses of global network care research and the ones of the researcher’s community are carried out sooner or later, the dialogue might be enriched; complex analysis effects might be got the use of quite a lot of textual content mining strategies and quantitative research and by means of including qualitative interpretations. 3rd, follow-up research on selling network care in keeping with each and every extracted key phrase and subject, executive businesses’ promotion insurance policies for fitness and hospital therapy, social welfare, and extra will also be anticipated. Moreover, for the coverage luck of network care, above all, it will be important to actively talk about network care wishes and expand them into coverage calls for. Specifically, the call for for decentralization within the fitness and clinical fields and the desire for balanced nationwide building in those fields will have to be regarded as. Nonetheless, this learn about is significant, because it comprehensively organizes network care–linked research. It contributes to the advance of network care analysis by means of figuring out analysis traits so far, suggesting the results of the analysis subjects, and offering long run analysis instructions.


Within the collection of long run analysis subjects, it will be important to understand the traits surrounding top central key phrases, comparable to paintings, place of abode, financial system, area, industry, incapacity, and disabled. New spaces of study will also be created by means of combining those key phrases. As well as, if key phrases connecting each and every extracted subject are used as a medium, it’s going to extend the analysis on network care and its packages.

This learn about’s findings can be utilized to make stronger social welfare innovation, comparable to social safety methods, social and welfare insurance policies, and care products and services. Socialization of network care will support fitness and welfare insurance policies; offer protection to the human rights of the aged, the disabled, and ladies; and create linked jobs. Moreover, the findings supply extra perception into the passion stage of native citizens in resolving social issues. The consequences too can tell the advance and promotion of insurance policies to ascertain sustainable care products and services, comparable to by means of securing participation of native citizens. Then again, the explanation network care stays the main undertaking even after its promotion is that it is just being performed inside the social welfare machine. There’s fear that it might simplest stay a social and welfare provider and no longer be regarded as within the fitness and hospital therapy machine. For network care to actively function, proactive intervention within the fields of fitness and hospital therapy and adjustments within the clinical machine are vital. As well as, citizens additionally want to be excited by area people care coverage. They should actively make the most of the provider for the established order of sustainable methods and the implementation of insurance policies that reply to the problem of a swiftly growing older society. The local people-integrated fitness and hospital therapy methods should be restructured, and quite a lot of regional supply methods should be established to cause them to extra obtainable.


WHO, International Well being Group; COVID-19, coronavirus disease-2019; AIP, growing older in position; LDA, Latent Dirichlet Allocation; KCI, Korea Quotation Index.

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The authors claim no conflicts of passion.


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