Facials kits to BOOKMARK for salon-like glowing skin at home


Facials are nothing but deep cleansing that relaxes and awakens the skin. Tiered and dull faces require facials to rejuvenate the skin and exfoliate dead skin cells. Facial kits include multiple skincare products ranging from face washes and moisturisers to face masks and creams that nourish and soothe weary skin and make it bright and plump. Facials can be done at home with the help of the below-mentioned skin brightening facial kits. They can also be an excellent gifting product for skincare enthusiast friends.


Here are 7 facial kits from Amazon:


Created from the list of best rated and reviewed products from Amazon, these skin brightening facial kits are something you must bookmark to try out before your next wedding function or party night to attend.


1. Activated Charcoal Facial Kit


Activated charcoal is best for removing impurities and unclogging the pores. This skin detoxifying facial kit consists of face wash, peel-off mask, face pack and face scrub all infused with charcoal. It purifies the skin from within and leaves your skin feeling fresh.

Facials kits to BOOKMARK for salon-like glowing skin at home

Price: Rs 479

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2. 24 Carat Gold Facial Kit 


Comprising of age-defying pure gold scrub, gold mask, gold gel and moisturising cream, this gold facial skit revitalises and rejuvenates the skin by giving it a healthy glow. Each product in the kit is enriched with the goodness of natural products like orange peel extracts, rose water, aloe vera that helps in skin brightening and hydration.


Price: Rs 820

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3. Herb Island Vitamin C Facial Kit


This Vitamin C facial kit is a summer must-have. It helps in de-tanning your skin and addresses pigmentation issues. The Vitamin C content in it helps prevent ageing of the skin by speeding up cell regeneration. The set includes 8 products that have anti-ageing and soothing benefits for your skin.


Price: Rs 1499

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4. Pilgrim Red Vine Face Care Kit


This branded facial kit consists of everything you need for a perfect skincare routine restores skin’s pH balance and absorbs excess oil. Its refreshing and revitalising properties get straight to the work and hydrate, nourish and help improve skin elasticity.


Price: Rs 1849

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5. Bridal Glow Facial Kit


Wedding on the cards? Get this bridal glow facial kit to shine like a diva. This facial kit includes products that enhance a natural glow and impart dazzling radiance to your skin. It counteracts the damage caused by pollution and stress and leaves your skin revitalised and polished.


Price: Rs 693

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6. NutriGlow Gold Kesar Facial Kit


Get a salon-like facial at home with this facial kit that has everything you asked for and things even better. It moisturises your skin and addresses each issue from under-eye bags to hyperpigmentation by rendering a supple and glowing complexion to your face.


Price: Rs 529

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7. Skin Brightening Facial Kit


This skin brightening facial kit has products infused with turmeric, milk and honey that help achieve an even skin tone and smoothing skin texture. It also helps fade fine lines and blemishes. The kit includes a cleanser, scrub, face massage cream and face mask.


Price: Rs 898

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Grab the facial kits from above and treat your skin to salon-like pampering sessions for glowing skin. These sets come with all the skincare and beauty essentials to soothe your skin and give it a radiant charm. 



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