How To Deal with Hyperpigmentation On The Buttocks? Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad Shares A Few Suggestions

Dermatologist Dr. Jaishree Sharad shares tricks to deal with hyperpigmentation on the butt.

How To Deal with Hyperpigmentation On The Buttocks? Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad Shares A Few Suggestions

Making use of sunscreen can scale back tanning and additional darkening

Hyperpigmentation generally is a main pores and skin drawback for each women and men. We aren’t speaking about simply the face and limbs. Hyperpigmentation can happen as a lot within the uncovered areas of pores and skin as in much less uncovered areas. It will possibly happen within the butt area too. If you’re irritated with a darkish butt, chances are high you might be dealing with a case of hyperpigmentation. Nonetheless, there isn’t any want to fret. Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad explains how one can deal with this situation. If you wish to eliminate darkish butts and get clear pores and skin, observe her suggestions.

1. Determine and deal with the trigger. Get zits, fungal infections, folliculitis, pores and skin circumstances like lichen planus handled.

2. Keep away from friction.

3. Frequent waxing and shaving can even trigger darkening of the world.

4. Go for laser hair removing.

5. Preserve the world dry.

6. After a bathe dry your self utterly. Use an anti-fungal powder corresponding to abzorb or candid and many others.

7. Don’t put on tight fitted garments, particularly tight jeans

8. Use pores and skin lightening lotions which don’t include steroids and hydroquinone. So, lotions which have vitamin c, alpha, butin, kojic acid and many others will assist. However do not begin utilizing something with out a dermatologist’s prescription.

9. Chemical peels assist in butt lightening.

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Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad additionally discusses the issue of darkish spots on the butt. If you’re seeing this drawback in your physique, it’s possible you’ll need to deal with it. However earlier than treating, you have to perceive the causes of this drawback. They embody zits, folliculitis, friction (tight clothes and frequent hair removing amongst others), post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, fungal an infection or some other an infection or a pores and skin dysfunction. Nonetheless, all the time seek the advice of your dermatologist to deal with the pores and skin drawback.

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If you’re dealing with hand and leg tanning issues, Dr Jaishree Sharad has a number of tricks to deal with that too. Listed here are some factors that she recommends.

1. Apply a teaspoon of sunscreen on every arm and leg whether or not you might be indoors or open air to forestall an additional tan.

2. At night time, use a cream containing AHA and skin-lightening components corresponding to vitamin C, licorice, alpha arbutin, mulberry, kojic acid and many others.

3. Apply a combination of yogurt, chickpea flour (besan), and honey on the legs and arms. Yogurt comprises lactic acid, it moisturises and lightens the pores and skin. Besan and honey assist to cleanse the pores and skin. 4. Take vitamin C and glutathione oral dietary supplements.

5. Chemical peels and de-tan procedures in clinics are choices too.

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Observe the following tips for a transparent butt, arms, and legs.

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