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Toolcano serves as a centralised platform for accessing a wide array of tools commonly utilised across various domains. Through extensive research, Toolcano offers comprehensive information, including tutorial videos, pricing details, and other relevant data, on these tools. Its utility extends to both marketers and non-marketers, facilitating the execution of daily tasks efficiently.

What is Toolcano?

Toolcano operates as an aggregator website, dedicated to simplifying and supporting marketing endeavours. With a commitment to aiding users irrespective of their objectives, Toolcano serves as a reliable source of information and assistance.

Why Toolcano?

Distinguished by its commitment to delivering top-notch tools, Toolcano stands out as a premier martech resource. By alleviating the arduous task of tool research, Toolcano empowers users to refine their marketing strategies and execute campaigns more effectively.

How will it help marketers?

Toolcano caters to the needs of marketers and non-marketers alike by consolidating essential tools in one convenient location. By offering a diverse range of marketing-related tools and pertinent information, Toolcano streamlines workflows, enhances marketing strategies, and ultimately contributes to revenue growth. Moreover, it alleviates the burden of researching optimal tools, thereby saving time and resources.

Which categories are the most popular on Toolcano?

The most popular categories on Toolcano for the choices and options of tools are


One of the most popular and vast categories for tools. SEO tools are one of the most researched tools on the internet and we have accumulated most of the tools on our website. Keyword Research, Backlink Checker, Domain Authority Checker, Local SEO tools are some of many important categories which come under SEO tools. SEO is the most important and vast category of digital marketing and therefore would include the maximum number of tools in different categories. These tools will surely help you in your SEO journey, and help you increase your website ranking, if everything is done in the right manner.


Any organisation which is into sales, regardless of the company size, small or large, would like to record their sales data and will also like to analyse the total profits their organisation made in a particular quarter or a year. To help with this, the organisations use Sales tools which help in recording their sales data, and also help in carrying out more sales. Depending on your budget, you can choose from freemium or paid tools. However, paid tools offer more services, but if you are just starting, no point in inverting the money right off the bat. Sales tools used in any campaign can help you keep a track of the ongoing sales, and prepare you for the upcoming sales pitches. It will also help you to figure out a different approach for targeting the customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing in itself is a very big category of digital marketing. Hence there must be a lot of tools catering to email marketing and its various branches. Toolcano contains a plethora of email marketing tools which are used in the beginning to collect email addresses and filter out the working ones, tol draft and send the emails to the list of recipients, and to collect the data and analyse it, we have data tools. Combinations of these tools will help you plan out your marketing campaign in the best way possible and drive in the maximum output and revenue.

Competition Analysis

Competition analysis is one of the most important categories of digital marketing. It allows you to find out about your competition. Doing a competitor analysis about your competitors reveals much valued information such as how much of their total revenue is spent on ads and marketing? It also reveals information related to their total sales and revenue of a given year. Competition analysis also unhides their website visitor count for any specific month or a year, depending on what you want to find out. It also gives out the keywords which are targeted in the ads run by the business. Keywords for improving search engine ranking are also revealed in competitor analysis. These tools serve various useful purposes and hence are very important to any business. This is the reason it has a huge number of tools uploaded on the website, to offer you a choice of the best tools to choose from.


Artificial Intelligence or A.I. as we like to call it, has taken the world by a storm. A.I. has so many uses in any digital marketing campaign, that it has become somewhat inevitable, while working on any campaign. Digital marketing and A.I. go hand-in-hand, nowadays. With this huge wave of A.I. taking over the world, A.I. based tools have flooded the market, with every new and established company using A.I. in their tools to perform the tasks. Most of the common A.I. tools are uploaded on the website which perform different functions ranging from image and video generation from text to collecting and analysing data using A.I.

Digital marketing has expanded in the last few years and so have the tools which perform the functions and tasks, and make the lives of marketers easier. Now, there is a race going on to produce the best functional tools in each category. This gives us as consumers and users, many options for tools and more options to choose from. But this increased number of options also increases the confusion to choose. Here comes in Toolcano, which is your one-stop-solution to end the confusion and choose the best possible tool for your needs.

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