Providence man needs liver transplant to save his life

Providence man needs liver transplant to save his life

PROVIDENCE – As he waits for a liver transplant, his wellness continuing to decrease, Jack Bresnahan imagines his life immediately after the organ is discovered.

1st on his listing of factors to do: buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend, Joey.

“She’s very supportive of me, but the well being situations and the monetary ailments have had an affect on our romantic relationship,” Bresnahan claimed. “I fulfilled her when we had been 19, and we are heading to be 30 this calendar year. I however haven’t been in a position to make enough funds to buy a ring to suggest to her. And I’ve identified I desired to marry her because the day I met her.”

Jack and Joey would like to get married, but Jack says first he needs to resolve his health problems through a liver transplant.

An elementary school teacher whose affliction does not allow him to function total-time,  Bresnahan at age 6 was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and most important sclerosing cholangitis, an automobile-immune disease that progressively scars the liver. Final 12 months, he was identified with liver most cancers. For six years, he has been on waiting around lists for a donor.

Livers for transplantation can appear from a person who has just died – or from a residing particular person eager to donate 50 percent of their organ. Since of its blood provide and other anatomical characteristics, the liver, uniquely amongst the organs, can be surgically divided with out damage to the donor.